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Hotel Pension Berg
Davídkova 26
180 00
Praha 8

Telefon: +420 284 842 627
Mobil: +420 723 771 077

Surroundings, culture, shopping, exhibitions, sports events

Hotel pension Berg, a newly refurbished structure providing high comfort and above-the-standard amenities to its visitors, is situated in a quiet metropolitan neighbourhood, yet quite close to the route connecting Prague - Dresden – Berlín, and close to Kobylisy (C line) metro station and city public transport routes, thus ensuring comfortable connection with the city centre in about 15 – 20 minutes, and providing fast connection to interesting locations – Letňany and Holešovice exhibition grounds, among other.

Tram Bulovka No. 3: 18 min. to the centre (Wenceslas Square)
Tram Bulovka No. 10:
20 min. to the centre (
Square Míru)
Metro Ládví:
12 min. to the centre (Museum)

The pension is situated in Kobylisy, a quiet residential suburb in Prague 8. The city centre which is about 5 km away from the pension can be easily accessed by car (10 min.), or by metro line „C“ (12 min.) or in the most classical way – by tram (20 min.). Metro station Kobylisy (line C) is merely a 5-minute walk from the pension, and the metro route carries you smoothly through five stations right to the centre, to Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí). You can get on tram No. 14 (covering its stretch as round-the-clock service) at a tram stop about 200 m from the pension, and reach the city centre in about 20 minutes.

The pension is conveniently located close to PVA Letňany Exhibition Centre and Výstaviště Holešovice Exhibition Hall, an ideal situation for interested visitors. Both exhibition areas, Výstaviště Letňany and Holešovice are comfortably accessible by public transport in 15 minutes.

OC Ládví Shopping Centre
Albert, Ebanka, KB, CSAS, CPOST, numerous retail and shopping centres, service centres and restaurants – just across the street.
Ládví Cultural Centre »KD Ládví
Pizzerie, restaurant, Congress hall, across the street.

Multikino »Multikino Ládví
Intersonic Entertainment multikino Ládví, across the street .

Outdoor Swimming Pool Stírka »Koupaliště Stírka
Newly opened facility – the renovated swimming pool Na Stírce, 5 minutes from the pension.

Bowling »Bowling centrum
Bowling centre and sports bar, across the street.

OC Letňany »OC Letňany
Shopping, culture & sports centre Letňany offering numerous opportunities, TESCO, KIKA, BATA, C&C, DATART,..., Multiplex Cinema Palace Cinema, indoor swimming pool, indoor ice-skating rink,... 15 minutes from the pension, FREE BUS ride.
Ďáblice Observatory »Hvězdárna
Ďáblice Observatory, a landmark situated on Ládví hill, 15 min. from the pension.
Natural Monument Ládví »Vrch Ládví
A lydite body consisting of huge firm rocks overlooking the metropolitan area provides a great view of the surrounding landscape. The nature trail heading toward the monument takes you through Ďablický háj – a grove gently crawling upon the slope of Ládví natural monument.
Walking tours can be planned accordingly to visitors' physical abilities.
TROJA – ZOO, Botanic Garden, Chateau
Troja city district is easily accessible by public transport or on your own, i.e. by foot if you plan a walking tour past the natural monument Velká Skála (Big Rock). Once in this area, you can decide to visit the Zoo, the Botanic Garden or the Troja Chateau seated amidst long-time tendered garden parks and vineyards which yield their harvest and fame to the winery and wine museum installed in the chateau interior.

Pivovar u Bulovky (Brewery Pub Bulovka) -
Bulovka 17
180 00 Praha 8 - Libeň

The restaurant truly follows its goal in keeping to the tradition of renowned Czech hospitality stemming from „good old times“ and having an almost curing effect on its visitors. Local production is built around a limited assortment of home-produced labels carrying the ages long knowledge of the origin and technology, literally from A to Z, thus delivering a tasteful experience to visitors.


Monday - Thursday 11:00 - 23:00,  Friday 11:00 - 24:00,  Saturday 12:00 - 24:00,  Sunday 12:00 - 23:00

Own draught beer is served!

Richter Ležák - Czech type lager beer 12,3% alcohol content 5,0% by volume. Classic technology: bottom fermented in open tanks, light malt flavour and hop fragrance. Leaves a light taste of hop bitterness on the palate. Serving temperature is 6 to 8 °C.

RichterAlt - Dusseldorf type beer 12,0% alcohol content 4,8% by volume. Top fermented ale yielding a balanced bitter-sweet taste with a light steamed malt flavor, semi-dark to dark color shades. The compact, creamy foam and rounded taste is typical for this beer type. Serving temperature is 6 to 8 °C.

Richter Helles - Munchen type beer 13,0% alcohol content 5,1% by volume. Bottom fermented beer with a slightly sweet malt finish typical for Bavarian beers. Yeast species used for fermentation comes originally from Munchen. The beverage displays light to dark golden shades. Serving temperature is 6 to 8 °C.

Richter Export - Dortmund type beer 13,0% alcohol content 5,2% by volume. Bottom fermented beer possessing a strong malt flavor, lightly hopped. Light color shades, yet darker than lager type beers. A very well drinkable beer thanks to its lower CO2 content. Serving temperature is 6 to 8 °C.

Richter Weizenbock – Libeň wheat Bock 18%. Lightly shaded wheat beer, top fermented type. The seasonal beer with a rich malt aroma will certainly warm up your taste buds. Serving temperature is 8 to 10 °C.

All beer types are brewed using the principles of “Reinheitsgebot”, the beers are not filtered, pasteurized nor chemically treated.

Letňany Exhibition Centre - Výstaviště PVA Letňany -

Letňany Exhibition Centre, Výstaviště PVA Letňany – a highly adaptable and spacious exhibition site which becomes a regular venue of numerous installations and exhibition events each month and season. The area includes VIP lounges for business meetings and rest zones for exhibitors and visitors.

Parking areas available for the needs of exhibitors offer 700 parking places inside the facility while visitors can use 3800 parking places situated next to the area.

Traffic access

The Exhibition Centre is situated at the feeder road connecting to D8 express highway on Teplice, Dresden and Berlin route, and integrating with the metropolitan ring road. The adjacent airport premises hold the status of an international airport for small aircrafts. A new heliport development is planned in the vicinity of the area.

A city bus stop is within 100 m;
the Letňany metro station on line C is situated closely to the area.

Holešovice Exhibition Grounds - Výstaviště Praha Holešovice -

The Prague exhibition complex in Holešovice district was developed at the occassion of the Jubilee Exhibition in Prague in 1891. The major social and cultural event was initiated and supported by many notable persons with a strong input in the fast-paced history of industrial progress and attainments in human life. Preceding the occassion of the General Czechoslovak Exhibition in Prague 1991, the facility underwent a grand-scale reconstruction
and it  new exhibition pavilions and a number of theatre performance scenes came into shape to serve their purpose.

The Prague Exhibition Area (Areál Výstaviště Praha) is a metropolitan landmark testifying tradition worth its fame, its situation close to the city centre being an easily accessible point of attraction to numerous visitors. The structural design proudly confesses the single "brick-and-mortar" facility of its kind in Prague, and covers a square plate of almost 320 000 m2. The area is a popular venue of international trade fairs and exhibitions, the annual frequency of events reaching fifty, with additional activities including various shows, travelling exhibitions, numerous national and cultural presentations, fashion shows, concerts, gala dinners, congresses, seminars or company workshops.

The metropolitan public transport system provides numerous routes and regular lines ensuring the easiest and fastest traffic connection to Holešovice exhibition area. TESLA ARENA is situated 5-10 minutes of walking distance away from metro station C – Nádraží Holešovice, and close to Výstaviště tram stop.

The exhibition area is located about 800 m away from Nádraží Holešovice – the name indicating the metro station on line C, at the same time a railway transport node and Czech Railways station of the same name (Nádraží Holešovice). Výstaviště is easily accessible either on foot or by tram - the tram stop is directly in front of the entrance to the area.
Metro connection:

C line: Downtown direction from Letňany (5 stops) or from Háje (14 stops) – step out at Nádraží Holešovice station.

B line: City-bound direction from Zličín or Černý most locations – transfer at Florenc to C line in direction to Letňany – get-off point at Nádraží Holešovice (overcoming 2 stops only).

A line: City-bound direction from Dejvická or Depo Hostivař locations – tra